Author: Tim Podesta, MBA, C.Eng.F.I.Mech.E, MAPM, Senior Facilitator at Valency Inc. based in UK.

Today I’d like to share some tips for virtual meetings focusing on participants and participating in virtual meetings.

Again there are three points I would encourage that can easily be remembered as the 3 P’s.

The first tips is “Preparation”.

Being prepared means having studied the pre-read material and being ready for the start of the meeting in your virtual environment.

For instance, if you are participating in a PDRI or Construction Readiness Assessment, you should read through the faciliation package and the definition descriptions so that you can contribute effectively base on your role in the project.

The second ‘P’ is “Presence”.

It’s very important to give your full attention to what’s going on. Make sure you’re in a quiet place or a suitable place without distractions and you can give your full attention to the virtual meeting.

A good facilitator will certainly encourage that engagement and check in with folks from time to time.

And the third P is “Patience”.

If there’s a point you want to make, please raise your hand or use the chat box. Once again, a good facilitator will make sure that he brings all participants’ into the session and make sure even the quietest voice is heard at the appropriate moment.

So to recap, here are the 3 P’s to remember when participating in a virtual workshop:

1. Preparation
2. Presence
3. Patience

I invite you back tomorrow for another helpful tip from our Senior Project Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer: Nell van Walsum.

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