Commissioning & Operational Readiness
Principles & Practices

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Learn how to improve schedule certainty as projects transition from Construction to Operations

This virtual course is two half-day sessions (7 PDH) and introduces the Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment – a standardized assessment methodology used to quantify a projects transition readiness through each phase of Commissioning and Startup (CSU).

Building on CII research and best practices in project assurance, participants will start with an introduction on the principles of commissioning, startup (CSU) and operational readiness focusing on hot spots defined in CII research. Next, participants will learn how to assess transition readiness using Carve, Valency’s web-based project assurance software (3-month trial provided). Participants will understand the critical success factors for implementation and how to interpret the findings to improve commissioning schedule performance.

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Focus Commissioning & Operational Readiness course on best practices in using the Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment
CII Best Practice Planning for Start-up
Who Should Attend Commissioning and Startup Management, Construction Managers, Plant Operations Management, Operations Readiness Management, Engineering Manager, Program Manager, HSE Manager, Contracting and Procurement Manager, Business Unit Management, Project Director/Executive and others
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VAL-125 Course
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VAL-125 Course
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Commissioning & Operational Readiness Principles & Practices (VAL-125)


This course introduces the principles of Commissioning & Operational Readiness from Construction through to the final stages of project completion. CII research found that 40% of project surveyed experienced schedule delays during the commissioning phases of their projects.

Participants will learn the six phases of Commissioning and understand the interdependencies between these critical phases. They will also learn the importance of early involvement of the operational team members to gain alignment and identify missing factors and Hot Spots that must be resolved before transitioning to the next phase of commissioning.

Valency’s Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment methodology is introduced, along with the supporting Carve software application. Valency recommended facilitation techniques are explained, as well as participant roles, responsibilities, and logistics for conducting a successful assessment and helping projects improve transition readiness for each phase of Commissioning.


At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges affecting the “end of project” as it transitions to operations and close out.
  • Review the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) research advances on managing the transition from construction through to operations.
  • Learn how the Commissioning Operational Readiness Assessment (COR) methodology improves project performance.
  • Appreciate how early identification of gaps and hot spots can provide schedule certainty.
  • Recommend when COR Assessments should be facilitated and the importance of each phase.
  • Conduct a COR assessment using the Carve for Commissioning and Operational Readiness application.
  • Guide a Project team in the post-assessment steps required to improve transition readiness for the next phase of commissioning.
  • Configure the COR assessment template based on your organizational needs.


This course targets the project leaders based on the RACI from the CII SP-333 which identified the following Leadership Functions:

  • Commissioning and Startup Management
  • Construction Manager
  • Plant Operations Management
  • Operations Readiness Management
  • Engineering Manager
  • Program Manager
  • HSE Manager
  • Contracting and Procurement Manager
  • Business Unit Management
  • Project Director/Executive



  • Overview of course objectives and agenda
  • Business impact of schedule delays during Commissioning
  • Role of the Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment in reducing schedule days in Commissioning
  • Phases of Commissioning
  • Commissioning when construction is done in a Shutdown/Turnaround
  • Challenges in transitioning from “Construction by Area” to Commissioning by System
  • System level-complexity
  • What is Transition Readiness
  • What are Factors and Hot Spots
  • Interactive Exercise

Research Background

  • Origin of the Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment
  • Related CII Research Initiatives
  • RT-121 Planning for Commissioning and Startup (CSU)
  • RT-312 CSU Critical Success Factors & Indicators
  • RT-333 Manage CSU Transitions
  • Application of the research

Assessment Methodology

  • Structure of the Assessment
  • When to conduct an assessment
  • Factors – standard, hot spots, ongoing
  • Missing Factors
  • Role of Action Items
  • Readiness Charts

Preparing for an Assessment Session

  • Preparation steps for an Assessment
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Background materials to provide a Facilitator
  • Recommended participants in Assessment
  • Key Dates
  • Pre-Meeting process with key leaders (Project Manager, Construction Manager, Commissioning Manager)
  • Specific benefits for team members
  • Role of the Facilitator and Co-Facilitator
  • Facilitation best practices
  • Planning the meeting environment – Virtual or In-Person
  • Interactive Exercise

Conducting an Assessment

  • Walk-through of Carve for Commissioning & Operational Readiness
  • Attendees and discuss openness of communication
  • Assess Factors
  • Review Phase scores
  • Interpreting the Transition Readiness Chart
  • Review missing factors, comments, and action items
  • Summary report and best practices
  • Interactive Exercise

Strategies for Successful Implementation

  • Utilize Assessment findings
  • Customizing the Assessment Template
  • Adding organization-specific factors
  • Admin
  • Portfolios for Customers
  • Lessons learned for future project benefit
  • Configuring Color Score Ranges


  • Review the performance impact of ensuring projects are Transition Ready for each phase of Commissioning
  • Discuss important “take-aways”
  • Conduct course evaluation


A certificate of completion will be issued to those who attend and complete the course. Those who complete the course will earn 7 Professional Development Hours (PDHs)


David Mills, B. Tech., MBA, PMP

David Mills is the Director of Consulting, Commissioning & Operational Readiness at Valency has extensive experience in Operations, Project and Program Management across several industries including Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, Agriculture, Nuclear Energy and Oil & Gas. Throughout his career, David has delivered proven results in commissioning and startup of projects, including optimization of both supporting project and business processes.

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