Today we have three tips for leading virtual meetings from one of our Senior Facilitators Tim Podesta, MBA, C.Eng.F.I.Mech.E, MAPM, based in the UK.

In his time with BP, Tim was trained as a virtual facilitator and has a lot of experience leading meetings and workshops in the virtual environment.

Tim brings us three tips for those who are leading or facilitating virtual meetings. These three tips are easily remembered as the three ‘V’s’.

The first ‘V’ is  “Vision“.

During virtual meetings, your audience sees you through your webcam (camera) and it’s important for engagement to look as much as you can at your audience through your webcam. It’s helpful to arrange your materials such that you can be looking at your audience as much as possible.

The second ‘V’ is “View”.

What is the view that people are seeing?

They are seeing you, hopefully well lit and ideally what’s behind you in the background is visibly neutral, not distracting.

And the third ‘V’ is “Voice”.

Now we all have our natural speaking voice or range of vocal variety comprised of the pace, the power, the pitch and the pauses that we use. It’s important to use those inflections in your voice in the virtual environment to keep engagement with your audience.

So to recap, remember the three ‘V’s’ for leading a virtual meeting:

  1. Vision
  2. View
  3. Voice

Check back tomorrow for three tips on participating in a virtual meeting.

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