Construction Readiness Assessment

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Integrate the Construction Readiness Methodology into your existing project plan ensuring a productive start of construction.

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What is Construction Readiness?

Construction projects face pressure to begin construction early because at least one stakeholder stands to benefit from an early start.

As a result, many projects start construction too early, leading to out-of-sequence work.  When it occurs, 74% of these projects experience significant productivity loss, leading to cost and schedule overruns.

Project teams need a standard and objective process to easily identify the gaps that must be addressed to achieve readiness.

The Construction Readiness Assessment (CRA)

The Construction Industry Institute (CII) defines construction readiness as “activities and procedures that should be completed prior to construction to productively start and sustain construction operations”.

Over the past five years, CII’s research and development has focused on helping project teams prevent premature construction starts and out-of-sequence work. 

Valency has developed Carve for Construction Readiness as a key implementation resource to help organizations apply the findings from CII’s research and clearly identify whether or not a project is construction ready.

Recommended Reading

If you are new to the Construction Readiness Assessment and looking for a good overview of the methodology, start with this white paper.

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Effective Implementation of the
Construction Readiness Methodology

Demonstrate success to achieve buy-in

Valency works with project teams to integrate the Construction Readiness Methodology into your existing project plan helping to ensure a productive start of construction.

We will work with you to pilot the construction readiness assessment on your first few projects and demonstrate the performance impact of a productive start to construction.

Your early success stories will help you secure buy-in and gain the experience needed to integrate this methodology as a standard practice across your organization.


Tools to simplify the process

Carve for Construction Readiness

Carve offers you a simple, graphical interface to easily conduct assessments, analyse results and share action items.

Within the dashboard view, project leaders can monitor the progress of construction readiness assessment scores across all projects within the portfolio.

Objective Facilitation

Objective facilitation promotes team alignment

Construction readiness is more than just a checklist. The assessment process provides an opportunity to improve stakeholder alignment, measure progress and identify risk.

Proper preparation for a session is critical to optimizing results. A key component is the session facilitator.

 The facilitator will:

  • Prepare and run the session
  • Help the team with problem solving
  • Be an expert in group dynamics
  • Is a neutral party in all discussions

It is critical to select the right facilitator to lead your construction readiness assessment to ensure results are objective and the session is conducted effectively.

Valency can provide you with facilitator training and coaching to promote effective Construction Readiness sessions. Contact us to learn more!

Frequently asked questions

Why is Construction Readiness Critical?
The desire to start projects early often leads to premature construction starts, which have tremendous impact on project performance. A 2016 study by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) looking at premature construction starts helped the industry quantify the severity and commonality of the most common impacts. Cost overruns, schedule slippage, overtime and unplanned work, out-of-sequence work, rework, and poor productivity are among the most common and significant impacts projects face when they are not ready to start.
Who uses the Construction Readiness Assessment?

CII’s research into premature construction starts included projects spanning infrastructure development, government funded renovations, and oil and gas midstream facilities. Any projects susceptible to premature construction starts will see performance improvements with use of the construction readiness assessment (CRA).

When is the Construction Readiness Assessment used in the project lifecycle?

The Construction Readiness Assessment can be used at any point during the Execution phase of a project, including:

  • Detail Design – as a checklist to identify factors that need early attention.
  • Pre-Construction – to identify any missing readiness factors and focus on action items that will help ensure the project reaches the desired readiness level.
  • Early Construction – to ensure that readiness is sustained with any late construction work packages.

To achieve best results, the first Construction Readiness Assessment (CRA) in any project is recommended to be conducted starting at the 60% design review during Detailed Design phase.

How is the Construction Readiness Assessment structured?

CII’s Construction Readiness Assessment (CRA) includes 228 factors that are divided into 15 categories. Each category has several related factors, with the factors being the lowest level at which construction readiness is assessed. A score is assigned based on the assessment of factors. The premise of the construction readiness assessment is that if an insufficient number of factors have been completed, poor construction productivity will follow.

Where does the Construction Readiness Assessment originate?
The Construction Industry Institute (CII) recognizes construction readiness as a critical element of successful project delivery. Over the past five years, CII’s research and development has focused on helping project teams prevent premature construction starts and out-of-sequence work.  The Construction Readiness Assessment is a key implementation resource developed by CII to help organizations apply the findings from their research.
Can any company use the Construction Readiness Assessment?
Yes! The Construction Readiness Assessment is an open industry standard for assessing construction readiness.  The Construction Industry Institute is committed to sharing their best practices.  CII works with their Registered Providers to help both CII members and the general public learn and implement their tools and best practices.
How can Valency help?

PDRI Facilitation

We offer a wide range of services to assist organizations in getting started with the Construction Readiness Assessment, growing your implementation, and standardizing as a best practice across your organization. Our solution offering includes:

Valency is a Registered Education Provider with CII and CMAA. We offer educational modules including Construction Readiness Priniciples & Practices, implementation best practices and facilitation training.

Third-party Facilitation Services
Our team of expert facilitators are veterans in industrial, building and infrastructure projects.

To learn more Valency’s solution offering, please contact us.