A simple and visual application that makes PDRI engaging for all project stakeholders

Carve is a cloud-based application to
monitor scope definition and identify risks in
front end planning across your portfolio of projects.

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Carve for PDRI addresses project readiness needs for…

Project Stakeholders

Maximizing PDRI’s value to all project stakeholders.

Portfolio & Program Managers

Supporting risk management by stage gate in front end planning.

Continuous Improvement

Leveraging applied analytics to identify areas for performance improvement.

Carve for Project Stakeholders

One of the main challenges with PDRI is that project team members that attend the half-day readiness review recognize the benefits, but the findings aren’t always accessible or easily understood by other key stakeholders. Carve addresses this gap by sharing results in a simple and visual format.

Project dashboard highlights overall risk

Engage your project stakeholders in a visual manner that easily highlights the risk of each project in front end planning. Carve’s red-yellow-green indicators quickly communicate the risk level of a project at each PDRI stage.

Online assessment summary delivers actionable insights

Share the results of a project’s PDRI session in an interactive manner that highlights identified risks (low definition items), action items, and comparison to relevant industry and portfolio benchmarks.

PDF summary report engages senior stakeholders

Create your PDRI Summary report in just one click. Communicate results in a manner that allows your executive team, board of directors, or investors to gain a clearer understanding of outstanding project risks without needing an in-depth understanding of PDRI.

Customize PDRI templates fit-for-purpose to your organization

Customize element names and descriptions and make PDRI ‘fit-for-purpose’ to your organization. Incorporate business unit considerations, corporate policies and procedures, gate deliverables and regulatory requirements.

Carve for Portfolio & Program Managers

If your organization manages capital spending at a program or portfolio level, Carve helps equip your program and portfolio managers with increased insight into the portfolio-level risk of projects in front end planning.

Monitor the risk profile of each portfolio

Portfolio managers gain insight into the aggregate risk profile of projects in their portfolio at each stage of the front end planning process.

Focus attention on higher risk projects

Portfolio managers can easily classify projects based on risk, in particular as they move from front end planning into execution. Focus on the exceptions and drill down into higher risk projects with a single click.

Carve for Continuous Improvement

Carve provides those responsible for your center of excellence or continuous improvement with a comprehensive insight into your front end planning practices.

Identify portfolio weaknesses posing the greatest risk to project execution

Analyze the low definition elements that consistently pose the most risk to successful project execution for each portfolio and stage gate.

Easily understand PDRI element expectations

Don’t worry if you don’t use PDRI every day. Carve helps you access the element descriptions with a simple click.

Carve Editions

Features Facilitator
Users Up to 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Project dashboard
PDRI Templates
Prepare PDRI summary report
One-step PDF summary report
PDRI assessment dashboard
Export an assessment
Email sharing of assessments
PDRI template configuration
User and portfolio management
Portfolio dashboard
PDRI averages by phase gate
Project distribution by PDRI score
Portfolio low definition elements
Project/Portfolio benchmark comparisons
Submit API read requests
Single sign-on (SSO) support
Deployment Cloud Cloud Cloud
Support Web/Email Phone + web/email Phone + web/email
Annual Subscription Pricing
Per Year (US$)
Contact Valency Contact Valency Contact Valency


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