At Valency, we recognize that projects come together through the collaborative effort, time and talent of the teams driving their success.

About Us

Valency implements proven best practices for successful project delivery by working directly with capital project leaders to achieve certainty and predictability. Through the guidance of our expert advisors and facilitators, the deployment of proven tools, we set you up to manage risk across your entire capital program. Our accredited instructors offer extensive experience in the construction industry and are trained in Construction Industry Institute (CII) and Project Management Institute (PMI) practices.
Headquartered in the Waterloo, Ontario – Canada’s fastest-growing tech sector – Valency has a proven track record for delivering capital project-specific solutions. We are committed to restoring predictability to capital project processes, offering trusted services rooted in Construction Industry Institute (CII) best practices.

Valency is a Construction Industry Institute (CII) Registered Provider and Member company,
and a Recertification Points Provider for the CCM (Certified Construction Manager) designation.

We have supported clients across a broad range of sectors, including:


Life Sciences



Transmission and Distribution



Health Care

Federal Agencies

Water and Wastewater

We are a proud Construction Industry Institute (CII) member and a Recertification Points Provider for the CCM designation with the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA). We specialize in the implementation of CII best practices across all phases of the project process, including front end planning, the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI), risk management, portfolio management, scope control and change management.

The Valency Difference

We specialize exclusively in project management for capital projects.
  • We are experts in capital project best practises, understanding the impact of organizational change on all project stakeholders.
  • We offer an agnostic approach to advising, with no underlying affiliations with third-party technology companies.
  • Our team has 100+ years combined experience advising and facilitating in capital projects in both public and private sectors.
  • We specialize in keeping processes streamlined and lean, by eliminating waste, in accordance with Lean Construction Institute fundamentals.
  • Our team members are experts on the “human variable” aspect of project team alignment. We understand how complex stakeholder dynamics can impact project delivery, and work with our clients to identify issues and risks and transform them into opportunities.
  • We are laser focused on proven practises that will improve cost and schedule predictability.

We stand apart in our industry because we stand with you. We instill confidence, nurture team alignment, and help you achieve project certainty and predictability.

Our Team

Our Advisors

With extensive capital project experience and knowledge, our advisors implement proven processes that support the needs of the $100M capital portfolio. We advise on portfolio investments with the goal to create value and ensure the greatest return for your business. Our advisors are attentive to your needs, offering sound, neutral advice aimed at constructing confidence and trust.
Sandra MacGillivray

Sandra MacGillivray

Waterloo, ON

Sandra is an advisor on CII best practices whose interfacing mastery brings sustainability, functional leadership to the lifespan of the capital project. Serving as a member on CII research teams, including front end planning, risk management and portfolio metrics research, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the capital project life cycle. Sandra is a Certified PDRI Facilitator, working with both large capital projects and sustaining projects. She is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP).
John Zhao

John Zhao

Calgary, AB

John is an advisor that brings over 30 years’ of major capital project experience, including PMO governance, project controls, risk workshop facilitation and quantitative risk analysis to Valency.  His experience spans major capital projects in the Oil & Gas, mining, pipelines, public works, pharmaceutical, and buildings sectors.  He is also an instructor on project risk management and @RISK Monte Carlo simulation.  John holds a Masters in Project Management (Construction) from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle.

Our Facilitators

Interfacing with large groups on a project-by-project basis, our facilitators are trusted, neutral third-parties that work with capital project teams to increase alignment and team engagement. Our facilitators are proficient in harmonizing cross-functional teams that come together to deliver many of the world’s most complex capital projects.
Nell van Walsum

Nell van Walsum

Ottawa, ON

Nell is a Certified PDRI Facilitator, delivering services in English and French.  She is also an instructor for Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) workshops with Valency.   She holds a B.A in Geology and a M.Sc. in Earth Sciences from the University of Waterloo.
Paul Sunderland, P.Eng.

Paul Sunderland, P.Eng.

Toronto, ON

Paul has over 40 years of management experience having held a number of senior management positions in Sales, Services, Project Management, Product Management, Marketing and Product development. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the Royal Military College in Kinston, Ont. In addition to his management responsibilities he has personally facilitated multiple analysis and design workshops bringing innovative Project Information Management solutions to several organizations around the world such as Saudi Aramco, Fluor, Chevron, J. Ray McDermott, Husky, BHPB, Brion Corporation, Maersk Oil, Encana, INPEX, and US Enrichment Corporation to name a few.
Tim Podesta

Tim Podesta

London, UK

Tim is an experienced facilitator of project workshops and a past team member with multiple CII research projects throughout his career.  Tim works to promote the implementation of CII best practices in the UK and Europe.

Our Staff

Our Valency team is dedicated to supporting you. If you need help in determining the appropriate solutions and methodologies to support your project assurance initiatives or have questions with regard to your existing services with Valency, please feel free to reach out!
Tyler Gowan

Tyler Gowan

Waterloo, ON

Tyler brings several years of client relations experience in various fields to our team. He understands the importance of team collaboration and management tools throughout the capital project life cycle. Tyler brings a high level of professionalism and confidence with an infectious enthusiasm for sales and a proven track of building strong client relationships.
At Valency, our team of advisors, facilitators, instructors and analysts offer a unique leadership style, combining effective, c-level management that is grounded in functional expertise:

Strategic Vision

We orchestrate large groups with ease, managing cross-functional teams through trusted guidance. Interacting professionally with internal and external stakeholders across all levels of interest and influence, we enhance stakeholder engagement throughout the capital project life cycle. We instill confidence in project teams by nurturing their capacities and managing resources effectively.

Functional Leadership

We are doers who endure. Our disciplined and focused approach to functional execution inspires a smooth transition for teams new to the industry’s latest capital project management practices and procedures. The Valency team’s specialized hands-on capital project management knowledge, Certified PDRI Facilitator expertise, and demonstrated risk assessment abilities help capital project leaders achieve cost and schedule certainty throughout the capital project life cycle.

Our Advisors

With extensive capital project experience and knowledge, our advisors implement proven processes that support the needs of the $100M+ capital portfolio. We advise on portfolio investments with the goal to create value and ensure the greatest return for your organization. Our advisors are attentive to your needs, offering sound, neutral advice aimed at building confidence and trust.

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We build certainty into your Capital Project Life Cycle.