You build

We build certainty into your Capital Project Life Cycle

You build roads. arenas. water infrastructure. powerplants…

We build certainty into your Capital Project Life Cycle

Valency makes capital projects a source
of excitement and growth
not anxiety and risk.

We recognize that projects come together through the collaborative effort, time and talent of a team driving their success.

Concept to Completion

When a project is thoughtfully initiated, resources are more effectively deployed, teams are more engaged, and risks are minimized.

Trusted, Agnostic Neutral Advisors

Our team has 100+ years combined experience advising and facilitating in capital projects in both public and private sectors.

Refreshing Approach to Learning

Innovative approaches to using technology to solve project management problems.

  • Lean efficiency
  • Lean project delivery philosophy
  • Integrating technology for practical gains

Valency is a Construction Industry Institute (CII) Registered Provider and Member company,
and a Recertification Points Provider for the CCM (Certified Construction Manager) designation.

CII Registered Education Provider

Carve Project Assurance Platform

Valency’s web-based project assurance tool offers comprehensive insight into project portfolio performance. Project leaders can manage risk across their entire capital program and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.