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Carve for Commissioning & Operational Readiness is the first assessment of its kind in the industry based on research from the Construction Industry Institute (CII).

The Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment is a methodology designed to support project teams in the early identification of commissioning and startup gaps and hot spots that must be addressed to ensure a successful transition through each phase:

1. Detailed Design 4. Commissioning
2. Construction 5. Startup
3. Pre-commissioning 6. Close-out

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Structure of the Assessment

The assessment consists of a series of readiness factors grouped by phase. As factors are assessed, comments and action items are captured where gaps exist. There are two specialized factor types, Hot Spots and Ongoing Factors.

Hot Spots: Factors identified as commonly problematic, higher risk, and a contributor to schedule delays if not addressed in a timely manner. These factors have a higher weighting within the calculation of the Transition Readiness score.

Ongoing Factors: Factors that have related activities or deliverables that must be performed continually to
maintain project alignment and transition readiness.

Interpreting Results

The Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment results provide project leaders with a clear summary of key points to help their team focus their efforts and ensure readiness for Commissioning & Startup, including:

  1. Transition readiness % by phase
  2. Transition readiness % by category
  3. Missing factors & hot spots
  4. Action items

Carve for Commissioning & Operational Readiness addresses project readiness needs for…

Project Managers

Visibility into risk and alignment on project deliverables.

Construction & Contract Managers

Opportunity to provide input into project deliverables and contractor responsibilities

Commissioning Managers

Clear and objective process to measure and track open issues and hot spots relating to commissioning & operational readiness.


Clear and objective process to measure commissioning readiness that ensures decisions can be made based on facts.

Continuous Improvement

Identify opportunities for improvement  in Commissioning from Detailed Design to Project Close-out.

Get started with Carve for Commissioning & Operational Readiness

Option 1:

Implement Carve for Commissioning & Operational Readiness

Valency provides the training needed to build internal expertise to support Commissioning & Operational Readiness. This includes training on the Assessment methodology, the foundational CII research, and best practices for facilitation. In many cases, we also provide Facilitation support for the first few assessments.

Option 2:

Engage Valency to Facilitate a Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment

This is a great option to get started if you are resource-constrained or have a critical project that would benefit from a neutral, third-party Facilitator. This can also serve as a “pilot” to demonstrate the benefits of the Assessment methodology and ultimately improve scheduled certainty.

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Introduction to the Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment

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