In these trying times, the way we must plan and execute our projects is changing dramatically.

Many organizations are stepping up to build hospitals, manufacture medical equipment and other supplies to support the growing COVID-19 crisis.

Whether you are directly involved in a fast track project or you are looking to begin one, here are some tips to successful delivery of a Flash Track Project.

Key Factors in Successful Delivery of Flash Track Projects

Dr. de la Garza one of CII’s most esteemed academics and a researcher for CII’s Flash Track Readiness Tool, together with Dr. Pishdad-Bozorgi also a Flash Track researcher, highlights these top three factors to successfully delivering a Flash Track Project:

1. Bring your “A-Team”

A carefully assembled team is key to a successful Flash Track Project. Some characteristics of an A-team include:

  • Experienced and open-minded with established trust amongst team members
  • Fully integrated, aligned with a full time focus beginning at the front end planning stage

2. Streamlined approvals

Simplifying the approval process will help you save time that can be utilized at other stages in the process.

3. Condensed Front End Planning Process

Be prepared to adjust your traditional processes (e.g. design reviews, procurement, change control) to meet the need for Flash Tracking.

Flash Tracking requires re-engineering of CII’s traditional gate process to concurrently complete Concept (FEP-2) and Detailed Scope (FEP-3).

Flash Track versus Fast Track

The Flash Track approach is not simply an acceleration of activities through the project life cycle, but rather an addition and adjustment of components of Front End Planning.

CII’s standard Front End Planning (FEP) process:


Adjustment to FEP for Flash Track Project:


Tools for success to support Flash Track projects

There are two key tools that will assist stakeholders in assessing their readiness in proceeding with a Flash Track project:

  1. Flash Track Tool (FTT) – an assessment tool used at project kick-off to help establish a Flash Track philosophy, and determine your team’s capacity and ability to deliver the project successfully.
  2. Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) – a comprehensive assessment to measure the degree of scope definition, identify gaps, and take appropriate actions to reduce risk during front end planning.

Questions about Flash Track Projects?

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