PDRI for Mining Projects

The PDRI for Mining template addresses complexities specific to new (greenfield) mining projects including considerations for remote locations with limited infrastructure, uncertainty of site conditions, geo-political risk, and environmental constraints.

Mining projects include structures above ground and under ground. In addition, the site often requires development of infrastructure (roads, shelter, utilities, etc.) for workers, and for transportation of materials (railways, pipelines, etc.).

Key Characteristics

Characteristic Mining
Primary Designer Mining, geotechnical, civil,
mechanical, electrical, process,
Project Orientation Vertical and horizontal
Interface with Public Extensive
Environmental Impact Extensive
Primary Cost Geological investigation, earthworks, mechanical equipment, associated structures
Installed Equipment Cost Extensive
Land Cost  High
Jurisdiction Interface  Extensive

Reference: “Project Definition Rating Index for Mining Projects,” Final Report: FR-366, Construction Industry Institute, 2020

  Top Ten Elements

pdri for mining projects top weighted elements

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