Innovation Trends in Front End Planning Videos

What’s hot and ready to pilot in 2019?

A concise summary of the latest innovations in front end planning, including technology enablement and valuable CII research published in the past six months.


Carve for PDRI

A web-based application supporting enterprise deployments of PDRI for several Fortune 500 and CII member companies.  We’ll share a case study on how PDRI portfolio analytics are being used to pin-point the highest impact areas for improvement in front end planning.



Developed by CII to help large capital projects more effectively quantify and communicate the maturity and accuracy of front end engineering deliverables at the end of detailed scope (FEP- 3). We’ll walk through how this innovative tool ties together CII tools that were previously stand-alone, including PDRI Industrial (IR113-2) and the Alignment Thermometer (IR113-3). Examples of the definition level scoring (maturity) descriptions developed to improve the consistency in the assessment of engineering-related elements will be shared.



CII’s latest PDRI template developed to meet the specific needs of manufacturing and life sciences projects. Over $5B USD worth of projects were studied in the development of this PDRI template targeted for projects that are have a mix of process and building design elements, follow a rigorous commissioning process and make extensive use of enterprise and control systems.


Flash Track

This CII tool is designed to support flash-track, schedule-driven projects (e.g. first to market, disaster response, regulatory compliance) in assessing their readiness to undertake the project, identify critical barriers and risks and recommend mitigative measures and implementation strategies.



Sandra MacGillivray is a Certified PDRI Facilitator, Project Management Professional (PMP), Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) and a past research team member with the Construction Industry Institute on front end planning, PDRI, risk management and portfolio management.

Jesus M. (Chema) de la Garza is the Vecellio Professor of Construction Engineering at Virginia Tech, where he joined the faculty in 1988 after receiving master’s and PhD degrees at the University of Illinois. He has been active in the Construction Industry Institute (CII), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA). His aggressive research portfolio includes RT-311, Successful Delivery of Flash-track Projects.

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