What is PDRI and how can it help your projects?

Is your organization experiencing the impacts of poor scope definition?

The PDRI methodology is proven to reduce risk in capital project delivery.  It promotes rigorous scope definition and a collaborative review process during front end planning.

So what is PDRI anyway? Here’s a quick infographic to explain the basics of PDRI

It is time to learn all about PDRI, or the project definition rating index. PDRI is a score placed along a continuum which represents the level of scope definition of a project. It is also a risk management tool that incorporates risk factors relation to new construction, renovation, and revamp projects. PDRI tools have been created for a variety of settings which include: industrial, building, infrastructure, revamp and renovation, small and large projects, as well as new projects.

PDRI can be applied at several points in the front end planning process: before the concept phase, before the detailed scope phase, during the detailed scope phase, and before the design and construction phase. A whole host of people should participate in the PDRI process including: projects sponsors, project managers, engineering design representatives, key discipline leads, maintenance and operations representatives, procurement, project controls, regulatory and environmental, construction managers, and PDRI facilitators.

Benefits of PDRI include significant cost savings, a transparent approach to planning, better alignment among project participants, and consistency in planning across your entire portfolio.

What is PDRI?

Poor scope definition is recognized as one of the leading causes of project failure.  It is directly linked to cost and schedule overruns, as well as long term operational issues. As a result, front end planning is one of the most important processes in the construction and operation of a capital asset. The Construction Industry Institute has put over 20 years of research into making the PDRI methodology the most effective tool available to improve scope definition.

To dig deeper into PDRI here’s a link to our Introduction to the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) whitepaper and find out:

  • What is PDRI?
  • Who uses it?
  • Is it an open industry standard that any organization can adopt?
  • How do projects benefit?
  • Can it help in portfolio-level risk management?
  • How do we get started?
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Mark Anderson

Director of Business Development at Valency
Mark Anderson is responsible for Business Development at Valency. Mark is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and his past experience includes running several companies in the Oil and Gas industry, as well as over 10 years sales and marketing experience in Software, Capital Project and Oil and Gas industries.