Carve for PDRI: The evolution of PDRI

Over the past 20-years, many many companies have experienced massive benefits of using PDRI to improve scope definition. As project management processes have matured at companies using PDRI, the supporting tools for PDRI evolved from a paper-based checklist to more sophisticated PDRI spreadsheets. The spreadsheets made it simpler to facilitate, and tally scores for up to 70 elements.

As PDRI has become more integral to identifying risk and improving scope definition many organizations are taking steps to evolve beyond spreadsheets.

The evolution of PDRI

From Excel spreadsheet to web based power tool

For organizations looking to configure PDRI templates to their specific business needs, and gain increased insight into front end planning across their entire portfolio, Valency now offers the Carve for PDRI application.

Carve for PDRI

Carve for PDRI is a simple and visual application that makes PDRI engaging for all project stakeholders. Here’s a quick infographic highlighting how sophisticated project teams can use Carve for PDRI to maximize the value of their front end planning processes and data.

Carve for PDRI

Maximize the benefits of PDRI with Carve

From our experience here at Valency, we have seen Owners and Contractors gain tremendous value by moving down a “total solutions” path to implementing PDRI and:

  1. Making PDRI more “Fit-for-Purpose” to match the needs of a particular organization or business unit
  2. Improving PDRI Consistency in facilitation, Communication of actionable results, and Comparison to relevant benchmarks to maximize the value for all project stakeholders
  3. Supporting Portfolio Management through risk monitoring, risk classification and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement
  4. Using Applied Analytics to gather diagnostic and predictive insights to empower decision makers and lead to better decisions

For more information on Carve for PDRI click here for details:

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Mark Anderson

Director of Business Development at Valency
Mark Anderson is responsible for Business Development at Valency. Mark is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and his past experience includes running several companies in the Oil and Gas industry, as well as over 10 years sales and marketing experience in Software, Capital Project and Oil and Gas industries.