PDRI for Small Infrastructure template

Where should PDRI for Small Infrastructure be used?

The PDRI for Small Infrastructure template is used to assess scope definition for infrastructure projects that are generally less than $20M USD ,and have a short construction duration (6-12 months).  This template includes 40 elements and is similar in design to the PDRI for Infrastructure template.  It is designed to meet the unique issues of smaller projects and reduces the time it takes to assess a project.  PDRI for Small Infrastructure is highly applicable for projects related to:

  • people and freight
  • fluids
  • energy


Project Performance Impact

The PDRI for Small Infrastructure template has been tested extensively by the Construction Industry Institute (CII).  The table below compares project deviations from planned performance based on PDRI score. Projects with a PDRI score under 300 (a lower score indicates a better defined scope) showed less deviation from planned performance than projects with a PDRI score above 300.  These results are based on CII research that includes input from 69 projects spanning 41 organizations, representing $529M in project expenditure.

PDRI Score < 300
Deviation from Plan
PDRI Score > 300
Deviation from Plan

Cost  3% 24%  +21
Schedule  4%  6%  +2
Change Orders  7%  12%  +5

Reference: PDRI – Small Infrastructure Projects, 2016 Construction Industry Institute Annual Conference.