Introduction the Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment

This white paper introduces the fundamentals of the Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment methodology.  It answers many of the most common questions including:

  • What is the Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment?
  • How is the assessment structured?
  • When should the assessments be conducted?
  • How should results be interpreted?
  • How do projects benefit?
  • How do we get started?

Even the most carefully managed projects can experience the impact of commissioning and startup challenges resulting in
delays to a facility being placed into operation and failure to meet commercial objectives.

Construction Industry Institute (CII) research identified the transition from Construction to Operations as where the highest leakage of business value occurs. “Leakage” is challenging to measure, but a recent CII study showed 40% of those surveyed experienced commissioning schedule overruns*. Considering the value of a one-day delay in achieving a project’s in-service date, this is a significant business risk to manage.

The Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment is a standardized assessment methodology that helps improve schedule performance by enabling organizations to ensure transition readiness through each phase of Commissioning and Startup.

* “Managing Transitions between Construction Completion, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and Startup,” Special Report 333-1, Construction Industry Institute, 2017


Introduction to the Commissioning & Operational Readiness Assessment

The first assessment of its kind based on CII research.

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