CII Infographic: Valency and the Construction Industry Institute’s Best Practices

Valency is a implementer of construction industry best practices. These best practices come from research organization called the Construction Industry Institute or CII. Along with implementing CII best practices, Valency is a registered education provider with CII.

We often get asked “What’s CII?” and “What does it mean to be a Registered Education Provider for CII?

Do you know what the Construction Industry Institute (CII) is or does? Are you familiar with their best practices?

We put this brief CII Infographic together to help answer those questions. Have a look and hopefully this will give you a decent introduction.

The CII Infographic

CII Infographic - brought to you by Valency, a leading implementer of construction best practices and CII and PMI Registered Education Provider

CII envisions a construction industry that builds predictable value for society and stakeholders.

The mission of CII is to inspire owners, contractors/suppliers, and academia to collaborate through research to produce best practices and implementation resources, creating innovative solutions that tangibly improve safety and capital efficiency.

Valency’s mandate is to help organizations  implement CII best practices that will markedly improve project and portfolio performance.

If you would like to learn more about CII best practices, feel free to contact us here at Valency.

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Mark Anderson

Director of Business Development at Valency
Mark Anderson is responsible for Business Development at Valency. Mark is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and his past experience includes running several companies in the Oil and Gas industry, as well as over 10 years sales and marketing experience in Software, Capital Project and Oil and Gas industries.