White Paper – Introduction to the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)

Introduction to PDRIPoor scope definition is recognized as one of the leading causes of project failure.  It is directly linked to cost and schedule overruns, as well as long term operational issues. As a result, front end planning is one of the most important processes in the construction and operation of a capital asset. This white paper provides an introduction to PDRI – the Project Definition Rating Index, developed by the Construction Industry Institute (CII).  It answers many of the most common questions of project leaders including:

  • What is PDRI?
  • Who uses it – owners, contractors or both?
  • Is this an open industry standard that any organization can adopt?
  • How do projects benefit?
  • Can this help in portfolio-level risk management?
  • How do we get started?

To learn more about PDRI and get answers to these questions, download this white paper.

Is your organization experiencing the impacts of poor scope definition?

The PDRI methodology is proven to reduce risk in capital project delivery.  It promotes rigorous scope definition and a collaborative review process during front end planning.  CII has benchmarked over $96 billion in capital projects, showing up to:

25% in cost savings
17% in schedule reduction

Download your copy:

Introduction to the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)
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