Webinar: Portfolio Risk Management in Front End Planning

This webinar, hosted by CMCS, shares how the Carve for PDRI solution addresses a critical need in portfolio risk management – identifying risk and measuring progress on scope definition, starting in front end planning.  The CMCS solution offering for PDRI is also introduced.

The Agenda

  • Introduction to PDRI (Project Definition Rating Index)
  • Why is PDRI critical?
  • Application of PDRI during front end planning of
    • Industrial, building and infrastructure projects
    • Brownfield and greenfield projects
    • Small, large and mega projects
  • Carve for PDRI application
  • Project-level benefits
  • Portfolio Level Benefits
  • The CMCS Offering for PDRI


Sandra MacGillivray
Managing Director, Valency
Sandra MacGillivray is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Facilitator for the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI). She has been an industry participant with the Construction Industry Institute (CII) in research and development of best practices in front end planning, risk management and portfolio management.

Mark Anderson
Director of Business Development, Valency
Mark Anderson is a Certified Facilitator for the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI). His past experience includes management of several companies in the Oil & Gas industry and over 10 years of sales and marketing experience in software and capital projects.