Webinar: Introduction to the Construction Readiness Assessment

February 27, 2020

This webinar will introduce you to CII’s Construction Readiness Assessment – a game-changer to guide project teams in achieving construction readiness with confidence. Valency will discuss how this methodology identifies the gaps that must be addressed to achieve readiness and will provide you with an approach to implement this best practice within your organization, ensuring each project a productive start to construction.

What is your Next Step?

Conduct a Pilot

If you’re ready to see the Construction Readiness Assessment deliver tremendous results on your projects, we recommend starting with a pilot. Valency will help you pilot the Construction Readiness Assessment and demonstrate the performance impact of a productive start to construction. Your early success stories will help you secure buy-in and gain the experience needed to successfully implement Construction Readiness as a standard practice across your organization.

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Register for Training

Virtual Training Course: Construction Readiness Assessment Principles & Practices

June 10 & 11, 2020

This course introduces the principles of construction readiness and how to use CII’s Construction Readiness Assessment (CRA) to monitor project health and prevent premature construction starts. Earn 7 PDUs from the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Sandra MacGillivray
Managing Director, Valency
Sandra MacGillivray is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Facilitator for the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI). She has been an industry participant with the Construction Industry Institute (CII) in research and development of best practices in front end planning, risk management and portfolio management.