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A Strategic Approach to Project Restarts with CII’s Construction Readiness Assessment

As pandemic-related restrictions begin to ease, construction project leaders have a unique opportunity for a second take on pre-construction planning before projects resume.

The Construction Readiness Assessment, developed by CII, is an excellent resource to support your restart strategy. This methodology helps ensure alignment among all project stakeholders and provides flexibility to incorporate changes to readiness factors directly resulting from COVID-19.

What is your next step to ensure a productive restart to your projects?

Restart Program

If your organization needs to immediately add more structure to your construction readiness process to ensure a safe and productive start of projects, Valency’s Restart Program is the best place to start.

  1. We will assign you one of our expert facilitators, trained in the Construction Readiness Assessment.  They will lead you through the process and facilitate virtual Construction Readiness assessments with your project teams.
  2. We’ll provide short, concise online learning modules to rapidly onboard your project and construction leaders.
  3. And, we include the first year subscription to our Carve for Construction Readiness software.

Virtual Training

If you’re intrigued by what we’ve shared today, but need to learn more about the Construction Readiness Assessment, another place to start is attend one of our upcoming public courses.

We’re hosting our next Construction Readiness Principles and Practices course.  This is a live, instructor led, on-line course focused on how to effectively use the construction readiness methodology.  We explain the key roles, responsibilities and steps to make a construction readiness assessment successful.  We designed the course to integrate various interactive activities and provide you with hands-on experience on how to utilize the results to address gaps.

Seating is limited so be sure to reserve your spot today!

How Construction Readiness Adds Value

Ready projects significantly outpreform non-ready projects


Cost growth reduction


Schedule growth reduction


Productivity Improvement

Carve for Construction Readiness

Valency has developed Carve for Construction Readiness as a key implementation resource to help organizations apply the findings from CII’s research and clearly identify whether or not a project is construction ready.

For Project Managers, Carve provides visibility into risk and alignment of project objectives with business drivers.

For Owners, Carve offers a clear and objective process to measure construction readiness that ensures decisions can be made based on facts.

For Construction Managers, Carve provides the opportunity to provide input into constructability, coordination and sequencing of activities.

For the Project Organization, Carve offers the ability to leverage applied analytics to identify areas for continuous improvement for your project organization.