Implementing CII’s Construction Readiness Methodology

The Construction Readiness Assessment (CRA) is a methodology developed by the Construction Industry Institute for

  • monitoring project health
  • ensuring productive construction starts
  • and avoiding out-of-sequence work

Construction industry research indicates that construction-ready projects have 20% better cost and scheduling performance compared to those projects that start construction without being ready.

We’ve helped owners, EPCs and contractors globally to achieve significant progress in ensuring projects are construction ready.

Valency has developed Carve for Construction Readiness as a key implementation resource to help organizations apply the findings from CII’s research and clearly identify whether or not a project is construction ready.

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White Paper:

Introduction to the Construction Readiness Methodology

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How Construction Readiness Adds Value

Ready projects significantly outpreform non-ready projects


Cost growth reduction


Schedule growth reduction


Productivity Improvement

Achieve construction readiness with confidence

Projects often face pressure to begin construction early leading to significant productivity loss and resulting in cost and schedule overruns.

Project teams need a consistent and objective process to easily identify the gaps that must be addressed to achieve readiness with confidence.

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Implementing the Construction Readiness Methodology in your Organization

Demonstrate Success to Achieve Buy-in

Valency works with you to integrate the Construction Readiness Methodology into your existing project plan. We will start with training and coaching your organization through some pilot projects to demonstrate the performance impact of a productive start to construction. Your early successes help to achieve buy-in and gain the experience needed to standardize the process.

Tools to simplify the process: Carve for Construction Readiness

Carve is a web-based application that offers you a simple, graphical interface to easily conduct assessments, analyze results and share action items in a consistent, concise report. In addition, you will collect valuable portfolio data for benchmarking and continuous improvement.


Objective Facilitation

More than just a checklist, the Construction Readiness Assessment provides an opportunity to improve stakeholder alignment, identify risks and measure progress. The key to a productive session is in the facilitation. Valency offers training, coaching and facilitation services for organizations looking to optimize their Construction Readiness sessions and optimize value for their stakeholders.

Carve for Construction Readiness

Carve for Construction Readiness is an implementation resource to help organizations identify whether or not a project is construction ready.

For Project Managers, Carve provides visibility into risk and alignment of project objectives with business drivers.

For Owners, Carve offers a clear and objective process to measure construction readiness that ensures decisions can be made based on facts.

Construction Managers, have the opportunity to provide input into constructability, coordination and sequencing of activities.

For the Project Organization, Carve offers the ability to leverage applied analytics to identify areas for continuous improvement for your project organization.